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What homeowners are saying...

Cornerstone Review – Mrs. Peterson’s Story

I would like to thank Cornerstone for being a blessing to me in my time of need. My parents did a reverse mortgage and I was about to loose the home. But everything worked out. I just thank God for everyone that played a part in this transaction. With this company you have a friend.

- Mrs Petterson

Are you looking to sell your home? We pay cash for homes in Miami Gardens and can make you a cash offer in 24 hours (or less!).

We’re Cornerstone Homebuyers, local home investors in the Miami Gardens area who can pay cash for your house. We buy houses anywhere in Miami Gardens, so if you’re looking for a quick solution and you need to sell your house fast, we can help.

Founded in 2009, we’ve been working with homeowners, helping them sell their houses quickly throughout the Miami area. Unlike Realtors, we won’t list your house on the market. Instead, we buy your property for cash. We’re the homebuyer and you work with us directly, so we can close more efficiently and quickly. 

You can sell your house now, for cash, completely as it is. You don’t need to repair or list your home, or even move your things out if you don’t want to. We buy houses as they are and are committed to doing win-win deals with our client’s best interest at heart. We have loads of testimonials from our happy clients and have built a solid, excellent reputation in the area. We’d love to work with you!

Ready to sell your house now, for cash? Fill out the form to get started.

Sell your house fast, in whatever condition it’s in. 

As house buyers we provide these benefits…

  1. Don’t worry about listing your home – you don’t have to!
  2. Sell your home 100% as-is, no repairs or improvements needed.
  3. Get paid cash for your home.
  4. We’ll handle the paperwork and closing costs.
  5. Receive a cash offer for your home in 24 hours or less.

So if you’re here because you were looking for someone to buy your house fast, then contact us today or fill out the form to request an offer!

How it works.

Sell your home in 3 easy steps…

Step 1 – Fill out the form. This lets us know you’re interested and looking to sell. We’ll contact you ASAP once we receive it, and set up a time to come out and get an accurate offer number on your home.

Step 2 – We’ll make an offer. As long as the home is a good fit, and we think we can help, we’ll make a cash offer on your home, usually in 24 hours. You can decide if you want to take it or not, no pressure or obligation.

Step 3 – We’ll buy your home whenever you want us to. If you decide to take the offer, just let us know when you want to close. We’ll handle the paperwork with the bank, and clean up whatever you leave behind. You can get paid, and walk away.

Still have questions? No problem, we’re happy to talk with you and answer your questions, give you more information. Or you can read more about how the process works here.


Many of our customers have expressed their gratitude for having a wonderful experience with us (please watch their testimonials below).

Cornerstone Homebuyers Review - Inherited House Miami - Sell My House Fast - Avoid Foreclosure Miami

“I had a very pleasant experience with Cornerstone Homebuyers, especially with Ellie. I didn’t even know where to start, I was just ready to let it go. But she really saved me and I am so glad.”- Mrs Brown

Cornerstone Homebuyers Review - Sell My House Fast Miami - We Buy Inherited Houses

“They stuck with me throughout the process…did things no other company would do. They’ve been legal with me, upfront and gave me understanding with everything I needed to know. I give them 101 percent.”- Mrs Brazzel

Cornerstone Homebuyers Review - Sell Miami House In Foreclosure - We Buy Miami Houses

“They came to me with understanding and compassion. The process was quick, easy and convenient. They answered all the questions that I had. They were there every step of the way…They are real, good and they are trustworthy.”- Kenya

Work with cash home buyers who care.

If you’re looking to sell your house fast, chances are you’re in a tight spot. We understand that each of our homeowners has unique circumstances. Our entire team will put our heads together and come up with the best solution and cash offer we can give you, or we’ll refer you to someone who can help you better. We really want to help you, even if that means we don’t get your business.

Transparency and trust are a few things we value. When you work with us, what you see is what you get. We’ll never pester or pressure you, or change an offer at the last second and will fully communicate everything we feel is needed. We buy homes quickly in Miami Gardens, and we close quickly too, on the date of your choosing. Much more than cash home buyers, we’re really committed to helping people solve problems. So how can we help you? 

We buy houses in Miami Gardens from anyone.

We pay cash for homes in Miami Gardens from homeowners in any situation, including:

  • Avoid foreclosure – We help loads of people avoid foreclosure by buying their homes for cash.
  • Relocate – If you need to make a fast move out of town, we’ll buy your house quickly and you can leave it exactly as-is. 
  • Inherited property – Sometimes people who’ve inherited properties don’t want to sink time and money in preparing the house for the market. We’ll make a cash offer and buy your property with no fixes necessary, nicknacks and all. 
  • Don’t want to make repairs or list – Putting your house on the market isn’t as straightforward as many people believe. If you want to avoid shelling out time and money for repairs and to a Realtor, we can offer a simple, easy process. 
  • Short sale – If you’re looking for a short sale, we’re your people. We can get you a fair offer and you get to walk away with cash and without responsibility.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for cash home buyers in Miami Gardens who can help you sell your home as fast as possible, we’d love to talk with you!

What fees and commissions are involved?

What’s so great about working with Cornerstone Homebuyers, is that there are NO fees or commissions when we buy your house for cash. You don’t even pay for closing! This is very different from the conventional way of selling your home when you need to pay a commission to your Realtor from the sale of the home. We cover the closing fees and handle all the paperwork for no commission. That’s more money in your pocket!

We buy houses in Miami Gardens and close when you want to. Once we make an offer, you can take your time and make your decision with no obligation or hounding from us. If you want to sell your house fast, we can help you. Reach out today and we’ll find the best solution for you. 

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We buy cash homes throughout Florida, we’re not just limited to the Miami Gardens area. Browse our service areas if you have a property in a different area. Or, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.